Amazon Joins Forces with the Life and Building Safety Initiative

The Life and Building Safety (LABS) Initiative is happy to announce a significant milestone in its commitment to fostering safer working conditions and sustainable practices within the global apparel, footwear and accessories supply chain. Amazon, a leading e-commerce and technology company, has officially joined the LABS Initiative.

As part of this collaboration, the LABS Initiative will work closely with the apparel factories supplying to Amazon in Cambodia, India, Indonesia and Vietnam, focused on implementing comprehensive assessments and safety training processes.

Amazon’s decision to align with the LABS Initiative underscores its dedication to elevating safety standards in manufacturing facilities and advancing responsible and sustainable business practices. This collaboration represents a shared commitment to driving positive change within the industry.

“As advocates for safe working environments and sustainability across the supply chain, we are delighted to welcome Amazon into the LABS Initiative. Together, we look forward to working collaboratively to ensure the well-being of workers and to contribute to responsible sourcing practices,” said Pramit Chanda, Global Director – Textile & Manufacturing – IDH and Spokesperson for LABS Initiative.

“Realizing safe, equitable, fair, and sustainable supply chains has been a longstanding priority for Amazon across all our businesses. Recognizing our responsibility to uphold safe working environments, we are pleased to join the LABS Initiative. This collaborative initiative will strengthen our efforts to enhance building and fire safety and promote worker well-being. We remain committed to continually improving working conditions,” said Leigh Anne DeWine, Director of Social Responsibility, Amazon.