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LABS Newsletter – April 2021

With new factory nominations incoming this year, we resumed full-scale operations and the cooperation received from Brands and Factories has been commendable. Please find our latest newsletter with an overview of LABS’ activities for last quarter.


LABS Newsletter – January 2021

Though COVID-19 initially halted the rolling out of LABS processes, the program has seen considerable progress with sizeable numbers over the last quarter pertaining to process completion at factories.

Press Release

LABS fire safety methodology integrated in Vietnam’s national assessment guidelines

Under the framework of LABS program, IDH has collaborated with the Ministry of Construction (MOC) in Vietnam to develop ‘Technical guideline for Inspection and Assessment of Fire Safety Conditions of garment and footwear industrial factories’ in the country.


LABS Newsletter – October 2020

As we embark on the final stretch of 2020, we continue to focus on mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 as much as possible, whilst planning for the future as well as we can.


LABS Newsletter – July 2020

The last quarter was unprecedented, however, we did see the quarter end on a more positive note. We hope to maintain this positive momentum for next quarter although we will remain vigilant regarding the state of the situation.

Press Release

Over 100 factories now mitigating fire, electrical and structural safety risks

With a few new factories joining the Life and Building Safety (LABS) program recently, LABS now has over 100 apparel factories registered.