Transparency is at the core of the Life and Building Safety program. Only by providing insights into the program and its partners, LABS can be as effective as possible. Therefore, once the LABS program is fully operational, high levels of transparency will be provided, particularly surrounding its standard, activities, progress, and remediation status of factory partners.

The program will publicly share:
The LABS standard by which factories are measured
Inspection protocols
The program’s factory list
Factory inspection data (also when a factory is long-term incompliant)
Corrective action plans (CAPs)
Remediation reports (including versions in local languages)
Helpline data
LABS newsletters

If a factory remains long term incompliant, LABS will make this information public. It will be up to the brands individually to make the decision to continue or suspend their commercial relationship with the incompliant factory.

LABS will monitor remedial actions. The program ensures that improvements are sustained through technical and public policy experts. Assessments and remediation will be performed by vetted experts. LABS factory coordinators will function as the intermediate between factories and LABS brands on monitoring, inspection and remediation.

LABS is committed to deliver consistent corrective action plans (CAPs) and is building an IT-platform for following up on mitigation identified in the CAPs.

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