LABS Program Report — August 2018 – December 2021


Since its launch, LABS has reached over 564,750 workers in India and Vietnam to provide safer working conditions and collaborated with factories to remediate pressing safety issues. As of December 2021, approximately 63% of the issues identified across 265 factories in both countries were remediated because of LABS’ intervention.

Operating in a complex and dynamic value chain, LABS Initiative recognizes upcoming challenges. The program, with its strong coalition of global brands, will continue to convene key industry stakeholders and decision-makers including the private sector, governments, Civil Society actors, and NGO’s to unlock resources and work jointly towards preventing and mitigating fire, electrical, and structural risks in the apparel and footwear industry.

The goal of this report is twofold; as we approach the end of the second full year of LABS operations, we aim to present an introduction to our approach and methodology followed by program achievements and our learnings to date.